RV Air Conditioning / AC Repairs and Maintenance
RVs and Campers have a may components that require regular maintenance.  Particularly the AC system.  As RV’s for most people sit around all year waiting for those few visits to wonderful destinations, letting a recreational vehicle sit without moving causes many issues.  AC systems have moving parts, low and high pressure lines, compressors, capacitors, wiring, and plastic housings that are all susceptible to decay and damage from the elements, weather, the sun, wasps and bees, mud daubers, birds, and many many more potential problems. 

Dometic and Norcold
Dometic and Norcold are some of the most recognized brands that create unique RV products from air conditioning systems, heating systems, hot water heaters, canopys, and many other parts.  We understand how these evaporative, expansive, heating and cooling systems work and why they break down and have to be maintained or repaired.

RV Refrigerators
RV refrigerators are a very nice addition to any recreational vehicle.  Refrigeration systems that use Propane as their primary source of energy, cause this gas to be burned in a combustion tube.  This tube heats up a pipe that has a special gas in it, that creates the heating and cooling process that creates coldness which cools the refrigerator.  The combustion process causes all types of problems.  Problems such as thermocouple’s failing or getting a carbon buildup that keeps the refrigerator from turning on.   If you use your RV regularly or often but have never cleaned the combustion chamber area, it will get soot that needs to be cleaned out.  In many cases these areas are difficult to service, but we can, as we have the right RV repair tools for refrigerators.

Electronics and Inverter Repairs / Replacement
RV’s are a dual volt system.  When boondocking or plugging into 120V system, all of your wall outlets will work like your home that runs of 120v.   Most lights and fans throughout your recreational vehicle or camper usually utilize low voltage lighting and 12 volt fans.  These devices require a combination of a Deep Cycle battery to handle the “surges” from turning on your appliances, and you have an inverter that creates around 14 volts to power all of your RV even if your RV Battery Fails.    You’ll notice a lot more “sag” or voltage dropping as your battery starts to fail.  In the event your inverter fails, your battery will not charge and your interior 12 V lighting and accessories will eventually stop working, and you’ll need to replace your inverter.  We can handle all of these RV Repairs at Mountain Home Motors and RV Repair, come in today and let us maintain your recreational vehicle before you leave on your next trip!

Fleet Accounts and Corporate Services for Vehicles

We offer fleet repairs for fleet and corporate accounts.  We currently offer services to our following partners, Wex, Voyager, AVis and other Corporate accounts.

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